DiagNodus Team
Key People

Dr Alexandre Loktionov
Dr Tatiana Bandaletova
Dave Taggart
Mark Donaldson


Latest News

June 2014: Preliminary results of DiagNodus Pilot Clinical Trial presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the British Society of Gastroenterology

October 2014: Pilot Clinical Trial of the DiagNodus test for IBD successfully completed

December 2014: Pilot Trial results show excellent performance of the DiagNodus test for IBD detection

May 2015: Second patent of DiagNodus published

October 2015: Second peer-reviewed paper describing Pilot Trial results accepted for publication

October 2015: Scientific Advisory Board of DiagNodus formed



DiagNodus Team - Key People

Dr Alexandre Loktionov
Founder, CEO & Scientific Director

Alexandre Loktionov, PhD, is a highly experienced biomedical scientist with over 80 scientific publications.  He has held positions at such renowned scientific organisations as the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, Lyon, France), the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany) and the UK Medical Research Council (Cambridge, UK). His main direction of research has been molecular pathology, especially investigation of the mechanisms of colorectal disease development. Before founding DiagNodus Alexandre was CSO in two biomedical companies in Cambridge.

Dr Tatiana Bandaletova
Founder & Head of Pathology

Tatiana Bandaletova, PhD,  is an internationally renowned pathologist possessing extensive experience in both clinical and experimental pathology, including immunohistochemistry. Having started her career in the USSR, Tatiana then worked for IARC (Lyon, France), DKFZ (Heidelberg, Germany), MRC (Cambridge, UK) and two biomedical companies in Cambridge. Tatiana's unmatched experience in the cytological analysis of exfoliated colonocytes and free inflammatory cells found in the colorectal mucus makes her a unique expert in this field. She has over 20 scientific publications.

Dave Taggart
Non-executive Director

Dave Taggart has degrees from the University of Oxford and London School of Economics. He is an expert in biomedical and healthcare-oriented business with a vast experience acquired through positions with Datamonitor, Integral Inc. and Analysis Group. Dave acted as a consultant on business strategy, product development, pipeline valuation and licensing & acquisitions for over 500 projects, working with large and small companies. Originally from the UK, Dave also has strong business connections in the USA. He has been a Partner with Juniper Consulting Group (Junicon US) since 2010.

Mark Donaldson
Financial Advisor

Mark Donaldson is a Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) who has significant experience in working with SMEs and early stage businesses. He trained with a local firm of accountants and was a manager at Grant Thornton in East Anglia before leaving to focus on working in a more hands-on role with a small portfolio of companies.




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